AVARM Research and Education Programmes

Key goals of AVARM are RESEARCH AND EDUCATION in Virtual and Augmented Reality to share a comprehensive vision of its role and use in medicine. It is achieved with, through and for its members and associates, who participate and contribute in the process, and make the use of AR/VR technologies as efficient, effective and profitable as possible bearing in mind its reasonability within the demanding world of healthcare.

There are several actions which help AVARM to proceed:

University Partner Program

  • Industry Sponsored Research - key players in the world of pharmaceutical business build strategies to help students and postgraduates to receive appropriate financial help and funds to build their vision of augmented and virtual reality ecosystem. This includes technology development and testing, market research, psychological impacts of VR and AR technology, medical implications and uses, and how content creation will be impacted through virtual reality and augmented reality channels. AVARM offers legal and business tools and remains transparent while completing such initiatives.

  • VR and AR Certification and Training Courses - The Association can help in connecting member companies with certified and trained talents, offering internships and job opportunities as well as providing feedback to the university on key subject matter for both basic and advanced course knowledge requirements.

  • Internships & Job Placement - the Association has internship opportunities for students. The Association also helps students in finding full time jobs at virtual and augmented Reality-focused healthcare companies around the world.

  • Mentorship Programs - AVARM offers comprehensive assistance in creating mentorship programs for students to work with healthcare companies focused in using virtual reality and augmented reality technology to extend current possibilities.

  • Distribution of Research - The Association helps in distributing case studies, research outcomes and gathered experiences directly to other members.

  • University Programs - AVARM provides speaking opportunities at regional and global events and supports associated speakers in finding appropriate events.

AVARM Member Community

  • Case Studies - Members can share their case studies to help other members and customers in efficient deployment and upgrade of VR and AR solutions.
  • Member Research - Research outcomes provided by members to share with other members. AVARM assists in distributing the content throughout the entire community of medical-oriented specialists, and helps in getting reviews.
  • Member Articles - AVARM shares medical, psychological and technological articles featuring other members, which typically includes unique ideas, visions and innovative features and use cases in the world of medicine.

Third Party Research in cooperation with Research and Analyst Firms

  • Research Studies - AVARM cooperates with 3rd party research and analyst firms specialised in medicine to conduct research and reports that analyse topics requested by AVARM members. These range from standard surveys to in-depth reports including interviews with key opinion leaders of chosen therapeutic areas.

AVARM Newsletter

  • The AVARM Newsletter - AVARM members receive periodic newsletters sent via email, which consist of medicine-oriented virtual and augmented reality news related to hardware, software and content, and AVARM members’ research, publications, project descriptions, beta test invitations, awards and achievements.

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