AVARM is a global medical association. Our objective is to provide a connected scientific community of members through its initiatives. These include VR and AR education, research and certification.

AVARM coordinates events, shares case studies, promotes members and their work and connects and introduces members in the local community and across the globe.

Speeding up success AVARM enables members to quicken their strategy and achieve goals using a network of knowledge on a global scale. If you are a HCP, psychologist or medical student, thousands of worldwide providers are able to find VR and AR solutions to your needs or support your project or idea. AVARM uses case studies to help you learn and connect with the best solution providers.

AVARM Membership

Who can Join AVARM?

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Psychologists
  • Medical students
  • Academic (Medical) and entrepreneurship institutions (Health & Wellness)

Benefits of AVARM membership

  • Full access to AVARM databases and educational programs
  • Full access to AVARM research grants when available
  • Participation in Committees on research, white papers, best practices
  • Unlimited access to research reports and publications generated by the AVARM
  • Discounts on paid 3rd party research when available
  • AVARM and partner speaking opportunities
  • Opportunities to be sponsored
  • Opportunities to provide a paid support to digital oriented programmes


AVARM Association

Who Can Be Associated with AVARM?

  • Software developers
  • Hardware developers
  • Content creators and video producers
  • Digital, advertising an PR agencies
  • Not Medical Academic and entrepreneurship institutions
  • Healthcare operators
  • Analysts and research firms
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • National Regulatory and Clinical Trials Authorities
  • Bloggers
  • Event organizers

Benefits of AVARM associated membership:

  • Being a part of recognised, worldwide scientific association
  • Networking and promoting opportunity
  • Access to paid AVARM services

Associate with AVARM

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